Bufete de abogados y asesores fiscales - THEDENS


Law Office:

  • Property Rights

  • Building Law

  • Contract Law

  • Inheritance Law

  • Company Law

  • Constitution, advice corporation accounting

  • Leasing, Renting

  • Civil Rights and judicial Spanish procedures

Tax Consultancy Firm:

  • Control and taxes presentation

  • Representation of independent, society,
    non resident and enterprise taxes

  • Society management

  • Accounting


  • Gestoria for cars and boats

  • Town Hall taxes

  • Registration of legal documents at the register of the property and cadastre

  • Commercial Licenses

  • Building Licenses

  • Inscription and tax payment at Social Security.


  • Home insurance agency

  • Luxury objects insurance

  • Car and boat insurance

  • Life insurance

  • Health and life insurance

  • Business insurance